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January 30, 2012

Girly Tip #55 ‘When life gives you lemons…’

by Desi

Don’t settle for just lemonade…make a Three Berry Lemon Trifle!  In life we never get what we  plan for. Try to make the best out of any situation…it may spark another interest you never thought of before.  ;)

Side note: (Lemons and Berries are the shit together!)


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January 18, 2012

Girlyornot’s S’moresgasbord

by T

What better way to end a chill Monday night than to make s’mores with your best pal? After a talk about life, boys, and our plans for the blog, Desi and I decided to head to the nearest store to make some yummy treats.

We originally wanted to make homemade Twix bars (the recipe found here), but to our demise we could not find bar-shaped shortbread cookies. And yes, waiting an overall time of an hour to make shortbread cookies was a little too intense for us.

245Desi (who I found out does not like caramel anyway) came up with the brilliant idea to make s’mores! Little did she know I have been craving for these sweet little treats for some weeks now. Great idea Desi, I commend you.

So, being that we had no open fire to do s’mores campfire style, we decided to use Desi’s boyfriend’s stove at his house. So what if we didn’t have flannel PJs and cheesy ghost stories? We still got the taste of yummy s’mores goodness that brought me back to my Girl Scout days.









T & Desi’s S’moregesborg Ooey Gooeys

1 Box of Honey Graham Crackers

1 Large Hershey Chocolate Bar

1 Regular Size Bag of Large Marshmallows

2 Sweet-tooth driven Girlys

A couple of chopsticks

Difficulty: Freakin’ Easy

Fun Level: Spongebob

Taste: Imagine gooey marshmallows eating all the people of chocolate town. Andddddd, the chocolate town people happen to live in graham cracker houses. Now imagine this happening in your mouth. Yeah…



September 24, 2011

Girly Tip #22 – 5 Things to do on your friday night in!

by T

Boyfriends busy. Girlys busy. Even your cat has something to do for gosh sakes! And you find yourself in for the night… alone… hot… desperate for a volcano taco from Taco Bell (try it, and you will thank me later). Well I am proud to say that YOU ARE NOT ALONEEEEEE!!! So without further reminiscing… here are the 5 THINGS YOU CAN DO ON YOUR FRIDAY NIGHT IN!



1. Do and/or fold your laundry

Yeah, didn’t know you would be admitting guilt, huh? Well I have caught you and I am here to tell you to get to that laundry that has been piling up for a month! Shame on you! Do you think your dad, the inventor of the toaster strudel, would appreciate that!? I think not. :|


Now gimme that toaster strudel before I tell.

2. Make a Whey Protein Shake






Hey, since your going to be up for a while, why not get that much needed protein? Its creamy and delicious and cookies ‘n cream flavored. Oh nom nom nom. AND it supports lean muscle and exercise recovery. AND its quick dissolving, and easy to mix. If only everything came this easy.


3. Draw something

Now whether your drawing ability is limited to stick figures or you can accurately depict a candy store robbery (stick ‘em up! Give me all the snickers, jawbreakers, and big league chews and NO ONE GETS HURT!) drawing can be very therapeutic and you may even get a great laugh or two. Plus, you may find your inner Da Vinci. Viola!



4. Play Xbox









All I got to say is… My gamertag is Hourlysquirrel7

And yes, I did keep the original name that was assigned to me. Cause squirrels are cool. That is all.

Numba 5 pleassseeee!


5. Instagram Photoshoot

Ok, I will admit I do this often. But I know I am not the only one that puts on makeup and snaps 90257092374029 photos of myself. Can I get a holla for this please?



…. Thank you. Instagram is fairly new and I am addicted! So if you have an iPhone in particular, get dolled up and have at it! It will melt away that time until you are sleepy and people will think you actually went somewhere. Thus, making you look less like a loser (you were thinking it…lol). Problem solved.

Oh, and it your were wondering, my Instagram ID is tahirahrose.





xoxo Girlys,


P.S.- Check out my about page and POTW!

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