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February 9, 2012

Girly Fun: Google Searching “(year) girl”

by T

From time to time I look to google image search to spice up my posts. I heard somewhere that people prefer pictures to words or something.

 If you remember my recent “My NYE Resolution WAS to…” posts you can see the 2012 image I included in the post. My original plan was to show a girl holding or somehow included with the image of 2012 included. So I searched “2012 girl” and I got something like this…

The 2012 girl struts around in her underwear!

My curiousity got the best of me. I wonder what the “2011 girl” looks like?

She lives in a wheat field!

 Ok, how about the year I graduated from high school? “2007 Girl” please.

The "2007 Girl" is a prolific runner!

The girl of 2000!

I'm. not. sure. what's. going. on. here... O.o

 Hmmm… How did that get in there?
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January 10, 2012

GirlyorNot goes social – We <3 This.

by T

Hi Girlys (and guys too!).

I hope everyone is having a great new year. I wanted to take the time to outline some changes and upgrades that have happened to First, I want to introduce the new girly that you will be seeing around this blog. Her name is Desi, and this is what she looks like with a helmet on:

I figured I could use some help doing things here. And of course, two girlys are always better than one, don’t you think? Desi just graduated from college with a degree in the art of journalism. Yes, I consider journalism an art. A very,very pretty art. Desi is the former editor-in-chief of the newspaper at her alma mater. She is also my bestest bestie. :)

So with all that said, she will be posting (along with myself) the best stuff you girlys will ever experience. Desi will introduce herself in detail more later, but until then lookout for the good shit that we’re pumping out. is also going social. We now have an official Twitter and Facebook Fan Page that we urge you to check out. Please “follow” and “like” each respected outlet and get social with us. As the year goes on, we will have plenty of goodies and surprises for you girlys that keep up-to-date with going social.

We also now have our official email —->

Feel free to email us about absolutely anything. We look forward to speaking with you.


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