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September 24, 2011

Dear Girlys,

by T


Your mind can trap you. Your mind is your best friend and your worst enemy. It can say “Yeah! You can do this, if she can… well, why not you?” or it can say “You have been trying to do that for the longest, just give up already, besides… aren’t you content with what you are doing now?” We tend to give in to the latter, until we have our AHA! moments.

I had an AHA! moment to write this blog post, which would make it my first blog post for this website. I have been writing down and thinking about what my first wowzer blog post would be. I got so caught up in everything, mostly worrying about copyright issues (darn Public Relations class!) and what pictures I could and could not use. By the way, if you do plan to start your own blog PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be aware of copyright infringement, it is real. And people sue for anything these days so be aware. Just Google it!

Anyway, like I was saying, I have been frantic all this week trying to figure out what my first few blog posts would be. So much that I did not write anything! Well that’s not good… the point of the blog is to have content, so like.. people could have something to READ when they come to your blog. Geesh, T. I do talk to myself, it is very therapeutic. ;)

I got so caught up in all that confetti, and tonight.. my AHA! moment came. T, just write. Write till you can’t write no more. My brain was getting frazzled with all this technical shit that it blocked what my heart was trying to tell me. WRITE. Ideas will flow as you type the words on the paper. Hey, I am evening having some ideas now.

So I said that, to say this. Sometimes you just gotta sit down and listen to what your heart is saying. Because when your active and all up in confetti your brain tends to do most of the talking, and that guy is just wayyyyyyy too uptight sometimes. Let it loose kid. WRITE (or insert whatever your trying to do here, such as RUN, SKATE, CHEW GUM, SKIP, etc.)

And as far as my copyright issues, I am just going to take my own damn pictures. For the love of macaroni. –_-

xoxo Girlys,


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