I would like to be the first to welcome you to Girlyornot.com! I am so honored you have decided to venture into my web space. I hope you find what your looking for here whether you are here for a few seconds, minutes, hours, or days. Why are you here anyway? I know that may be a rather rude question to ask, but I am curious! I like to connect with my readers and know their true purpose for visiting my site, especially if you come back again and again. I also am very open to any content you may agree with, disagree with, or find completely inspiring. If you want, email me at tahirahrose@gmail.com and we can have a nice discussion about anything.

Girlyornot.com was thought of on September 18, 2011. Of course I have had a many stream of blogs that I just put to the side after a while. But this time, I thought I would give it my full force. Thus my baby was born, I made a commitment (17 dollars a year for this domain name), and here you have it! Of course I sought I second opinion on the name, I was confident but…. You know us girls; we have to ask someone right? So to said person, this is exactly what I texted about my idea:

“It’s a blog about everything that would interest a girly girl. Things she would rave over and typically like. Advice she would need and how to deal with her relationships. If it’s a product, it would be something she would share with girls or guys like her, thus making it girly! The “ornot” part would be the things you think this girly girl would not like such as video games, tech stuff, sports, etc. But these things would still be centered on the girly girls life and she would use them as such essentially adding that touch of girly to it. // On a more value basis it’s about honoring femininity.

So my idea went to WordPress, and now all my ideas will go toward this site.  One thing I was quite surprised about is that this domain name was not registered anywhere on the web, by itself at least. I first went to Blogspot, but someone already had the name (www.girlyornot.blogspot.com, I’m sure the author will thank me for this shout out when they check their blog ten years from now)! And they only had one post and haven’t updated since 2006 and they just suck! Ok… that is enough of a rant for now. So I just went to what I thought was the next best thing*, WordPress YES! So again, HEREEEEE IIIIIIII AMMMMMMMMMM! SPARTA! :0

But anyway, back to why you are here. People have their own perception of reality and what they see. It is true! Using the overused example of the blob picture, one person may see a bowl of cereal while the other may see many tiny kittens swimming in chocolate milk (too much?). So whatever your reality may be, you will either take this site at face value and laugh at all my jokes (: D), or you will get a deeper, more meaningful purpose out of this.

Beauty. Fashion. Lifestyle. Romance. People. Cats. Vacation. Girls.

Just a few things I will talk about here. Enjoy.

– T




One Comment to “About”

  1. Hello! I just nominated you for versatile blogger award! <3

    -Jena http://fashiondiy101.wordpress.com/

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