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April 22, 2012

Crossing Over: When Friends become Stalkers

by Desi

"If this is what it takes to get you to use a phone as a phone..we have a problem."

                It’s safe to say I have a lot of friends (not saying this in a pretentious way AT ALL) but my friends are all little different- I’ve met them through different times of my life and college career so of course we are friends on the standard social networks…Facebook..Twitter etcetera. But I’ve noticed that the line between friend/stranger has been dwindling down to a term I‘d like to call the “Friend Stalker”.

I want to say it all began as just a hunch in my junior year in college. For many, this is the year that you get into your major classes for your degree. Therefore you begin to make nice with people in your major (Let’s face it, I couldn’t talk about the importance of AP Style and my love of  Franz Kafka with my friends.) So while my schedule changed so did my balance of time did, which is pretty normal in school. What I realized wasn’t  was the  less texts and phone calls I received..the more facebook and twitter mentions I got in return. Sure social networks have become  more of a platform for us young folks (well besides our own vocal abilities) it shouldn’t cloud your mind of what the job of a friend is.

Towards the beginning of my senior year, things really got weird….I posted pictures and statuses about my summer and some of my friends would only make comments online. Now the weird thing is that many of my friends are just a hop and a skip away from where I lived…but have we become that reliable on social tools to just become plain out creepers!

I just hope that the Friend Stalker (patent pending) will just grow away soon..or at least before we realize  that we’re too old to use “social do-hickeys” in the future.

P.S- Girlies ..take the time to call your friends and actually have convos with them…you may appreciate the friendship more :)