“My NYE resolution WAS to” …Eat Healthier

by T

Well, well, well… It seems we have reached the most romantic month of the year– February. That means a month filled with heavenly chocolate-covered everything and romantic candlelit meals. Everything so yummy in your tummy.

But, wait…

Remember on the eve of January 1 when you made a resolution to eat more vegetables and fruits? That resolution to cut out the heavy pasta and bread meals, stop the constant rotation of caffeine and candy bars. Sure, you did good for a couple of days, but temptation and cravings got the best of you soon after. Well, December 31 will come around again, better luck next time.

Your wrong! It is never too late to revisit your new year resolution. Most people make these resolutions with the most extreme starting points that destined them for failure. To go from consuming fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to becoming acquainted to a meal that takes more than three minutes to get is a daunting task. It is the equivalent of putting a house cat into a pool– total shock value.

So, let’s think of February as retribution month. Instead of picking up every low-fat, naturally grown, calcium-enriched product at Whole Foods, take your time to transition yourself into your new regiment of eating.

For example, I love to eat out. If one was to look at my bank account, one would see a sequence of restaurant and gas charges. True story. Where I live, the city is full of eclectic, tasty restaurants each with their own flair. It is absolute heaven for any “foodie” that isn’t able to go to the motherland of these restaurants to taste the native food.

Eating out is great and all, but not conducive to the overall health of your body. In America, everything is practically served in ginormous sizes compared to the serving sizes of other countries. We have become used to the super-size value meal with these outrageously high calorie counts.

I believe portion control is one of the most important factors to eating healthier. Portion control conditions your mind and body into eating smaller, more frequent meals. Eating more, smaller-portioned meals will limit your cravings for those giant-sized portion meals. Doing this increases your metabolic rate, as opposed to eating large amounts of food at certain times which slows down metabolism. You can read more about portion control here.

You also want to include more color into those small meals; which means more fruits and veggies. The more colorful, the better!

They are happy to SERVE you! :-)

An important thing to note is that a “meal” does not necessarily mean a plate of food. For example, a snack such as trail mix, an apple, or a smoothie is considered a meal. Just think about it like this: breakfast [snack] lunch [snack] dinner.

  • Start by incorporating healthier options little by little into your daily diet. For instance, instead of having a bag of chips, trade it for a single serving of fruit.
  • It is better to have company. We often cheat on our diets when no one is watching. Having a friend to support or go along with your new diet can keep you on track.
  • Don’t know which fruits and veggies to eat? Pick some of your favorites from the grocery store. For instance, I love grapefruits, so I make sure I have plenty of those around to eat when I get snack cravings.
  • When in doubt, throw away the junk food in your cabinets. If your workplace is full of not-so-healthy food vending options, opt to not bring cash for the day and pack a lunch instead

Remember, February = Retribution month. Get back on it!



Sidenote: I am not a dietician nor personal trainer. For further information on dieting please search qualified sites on the internet or go see a dietary consultant. For a list of popular diet sites check this article out.

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