Is it safe? *comes from under rock*

by T

Hi Everyone.

So, I am not even going to rant about how bloody awful I have been at updating this blog. You can see it, obvi. Yes, I use obvi, because I watch an insane amount of Jersey Shore. An INSANE amount. Why do I need packaged DVD seasons of JS, I pretty much have them all up here in this little noggin of mine.

Along with my lack up updating, I have read some pretty interesting blogs with my hiatus. Mostly viewing things on Tumblr (BTW, I deleted my personal Tumblr, go figures) and a few Blogspot options, and one WordPress. I am pretty much into the modeling world, so most of my blogs that I actually READ are written by models.











Chrissy Teigen’s blog










Nikia Phoenix’s blog


These are two I frequent often. I most recently starting following Chrissy’s rantings; and I must say, she is quite hilarious. When I look at most models, I do not really view them as having snarky, quick-witted personalities. Or even funny. I just look at them at being … nice. Pleasantly nice with a nice personality and nice manners. Just nice, nice, nice. Which is boring, these two ladies are definitely the opposite of that stigma.


Until next time.


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