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December 19, 2011


by T

Hello Out There.

So, my semester has been done for about a week now. Let me tell you, those last few days were crucial. I needed a good week to just relax and clear my head. Unfortunately, the spirit of Christmas has not been in full effect since my last post. I am much more looking forward to the new year.

I have also been thinking about the direction I want to go with this blog. At first, I wanted to cover all bases (such as beauty,fashion, advice, etc.) but I think that was a little too ambitious of me. I am still pondering if I want to continue the original vision of this blog, or take a more direct,focused approach. I am thinking more of the latter. One thing I need to do though, post more!

I am not even going to promise more posts or anything like that. If it gets done, it will. If not, oh well. I hope this post does not depress you all, that is not the intention. So let’s talk about something a little more uplifting- Christmas!

I have yet to get my Christmas shopping done, as if I have any major money to spend, haha. Well, that is life I suppose. But, I do need to get little trinkets and such for my loved ones. I think this year I will give the alternative shops and thrift stores some love this year for unique finds. I may even skip the whole individual gift idea and do something they all will enjoy.

I hope you all are in the merry Christmas spirit.