Dear Girlys,

by T

What is wrong with the world today? And by the world I really mean America. Our “leaders” have the world’s worst game of tug of war into play. They can’t seem to come up with an agreement on anything. And while they are constantly arguing about who gets an extra cookie for lunch time, their old faithful constituents are so deep in poverty they can master in it. And what happened to gas prices changing every other day or so? Now they change during the day!

Let me get this gas now because it maybe twenty cents higher come 2 PM.

It seems like most of our nations supposed leaders are just talking heads. Whining talking heads. Just a bunch of bickering naughty children. And I can’t see why people continue to support leaders that really do not give a dollar about them. I do not care if you have preference for one party over the other. That is awesome. But, when you simply are for a party because:

a) your parents are

b) your friends are

c) your being trendy

or d) you just have no idea and are going for the people who look the prettiest and sound nice.

I have no respect for you. How can you continue to support a leader that voted for something against your self-interest? Say if you loved goats, and you have a pet goat named Coco. You and Coco are the best of friends and go everywhere together. Its election time and you vote for Roger Election. You voted for Roger Election because he speaks well and has a nice hairdo. He also regularly shops at the Brooks Brothers and is sharp as a tack. You vote for Roger Election on those bases, and because he gave you free ice-cream when he came to your neighborhood. He even petted Coco. Awesome!

Roger Election gets voted into office in your neighborhood. First thing Roger Election does is order that all goats be banned from the neighborhood and cooked as curry. Your mortified. But you voted for him, so your the dum dum. Moral of the story? Don’t be a dum dum. Do your research, ask questions, and do not be afraid to speak up. This just doesn’t apply towards our dear government, but also life in general.

I have met and meet a lot of people from other countries. And the one thing I hear from them (besides that Americans are lazy), is that we tend to forget. We are easily distracted. A major crisis can happen one day, and we will forget it the next. We are not consistent with what we stand for. And I believe that. Because if we were a more collective DEMOCRATIC nation then we wouldn’t be in this mess. If we actually took the time to research and look at past mistakes. Then we wouldn’t be in this mess.

But, along with being democratic we are a capitalist nation. Which has its promises and faults. Others come to this nation because one can build their own wealth freely. Yes, limitations exist, but for the most part one can go from poor to rich with hard work and dedication. People coming here from other countries understand that. It seems that the people BORN HERE have forgotten. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Stop being distracted and dig for the real message. Do not follow blindly.

So, do not just vote for Roger Election. Make sure your Roger Election is worth your vote and able to work on your behalf. I know it is hard to tell, but we can try to pick the least money and power-hungry person. There has to be one out there in that head hunter village called politics.



P.S.- Still super busy with work and school. Forever 21 is fun, but very busy. I actually wanted to start a retail diaries section, being that this is my first consistent retail job. It has been an experience thus far. :)

P.P.S- If you are on instagram add me! Find me at “tahirahrose”

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