Update on Me

by T

It has been one of those week Girlys, one of those weeks when the soul sucker of souls claims yours and leaves you to do everything.

Someone pass me a Monster please.


So why haven’t I been active in these past days? Well, I started my new job at Forever 21. I am actually part of opening a new store at a mall. Which means a lottttttt of late nights due to shipments coming in and organizing.

To say the least I am BEAT. But, in the same breath I am having fun. I love the store and the company, so I can not complain too much.

I have been thinking a lot lately on where I want to be in the next year, career wise and such. And the more I think about it, the more I realize I shouldn’t be one singular thing. The avenues of prosperity are plentiful. One shouldn’t have to be focused on one avenue when talents enable one to walk 7 other avenues.

I want to be self employed and spring my inner talents forward to start working for me. I just need to put in more oomph and finesse. :)

In the meantime, I will be working my little booty off for you Girlys. I have posts coming and am going to figure out a better system for my blog posts so there is not this huge gap.


Upcoming posts
“A Word For The Sugar Princesses”
“Ho Ho Ho! Candygrams…but none for you”
“Dear Girlys”

2 Comments to “Update on Me”

  1. Get that money girl! :)
    – Lisaalinh.wordpress.com

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