Dear Girlys,

by T

You ever felt so unmotivated that you just laid in bed ALL DAY- literally watching time melt away into the night. I have. I have been doing it for the past few days now. When I started this blog, I aimed to post everyday (once I finally posted of course). And look, it has been a three day gap in my posting. Three days wasted, in my book. Let us just see the possibilities I could have done with this blog in three days:

  1. I could have commented on other blogs to make myself known.
  2. I could have improved upon my banner.
  3. I could have thought up a logo.
  4. I could have written something! Anything!
  5. I could have just stared at the screen endlessly until some creative spark came upon me.
  6. I could have just Facebooked all my time away.

But, despite all these “I could have” scenarios, I did come across some pretty awesome blogs. Did I mention I am a Public Relations major? I am a Public Relations major. Blog Roll-up!


this is awesome

love this


dude, wtf!





So yeah, that is where I have been for the past few days. In between schooling and interviewing this dude for my personality profile assignment. Amongst all that action, I have felt sort of unmotivated and uninspired. Do you ever just have those few days where it seems everything is just… stupid? You let the feeling fester so much that it actually makes everything and everyone you come in contact with a drag. Me and my boyfriend were not even as happy as we usually are. Because of moods.

But moods is not what I want to discuss here. I don’t want to lay in bed half the day, hell, I am evening struggling with waking up before half the day is gone. It has got to stop. And I am not knocking sleep, cause anyone that knows me well knows I love me some sleep. But, I feel like sleeping so much can make you lose focus. And it has, for me. I am going off on a tangent, the focus here isn’t sleep either.


So what is it T?

The focus here is motivation and knowing your purpose. If you know your purpose, having the motivation behind it gives you the thrust to excel. Fast. I want to excel so fast that my mere stamina knocks bitches down. But, I also want to be there to pick them back up (if they aren’t hatin’ ^_~ ). I want all you Girlys and Guys out there to find your purpose. Don’t find it in someone else. Find it in yourself. Live well. Ask questions. Don’t take no for an answer. Always expect more, and nothing less. Love like you mean it, and don’t hate for nothing. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!




2 Comments to “Dear Girlys,”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE back at ya :)
    I think there’s something wrong if you’re just watching time pass. That’s no good. It’s so damn hard, but you’ve got to get up!! Are you okay? Do you know what’s bothering you? But anyway, I reckon a 3 day pause between blogs is fine. Your blog was interesting, so it’s OK!

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