The Watered-Downed Bitch.

by T

Ok, I’ll be honest. I have a slew of post ready for this blog. Like, a legit cattle line of blog ideas.

Blog ideas come to me at anytime. Even in my nightmares. They keep me up at night, they come to me in the shower, they even come to me during sex. Seriously.

But I did not feel like working on all of those tonight. Because I was watching Bad Girls Club. Haha. It should be a sin, in fact I think it is quite immoral watching such nonsense sometimes. But what can I say? I am a reality TV slut for girl drama, or guido drama.

I literally can not count the times I hear the word “bitch” on this show. I have heard it so much in fact that I am nearly numb to the word. The word must be imprinted in their brains. Bitch that, Bitch this, Bitch eat this cereal! Is there some kind of “bitch” clause in their contracts? I can just hear the producers of BGC saying this:

Now Miss Judy you are aware that this is the Bad Girls Club, where you will act like a total mindless, alcohol filled, sex driven woman and have sex with various men. As part of your contract, you MUST provoke violent actions out of the other girls, get your gluteus maximus beaten, and use the word “bitch” a total of 1,234 times.

The word “bitch” is watered down so much that it almost has no real meaning anymore. I am guilty of using it among my girlfriends, but does that make it right? Or is it girls taking back ownership of a word that is somewhat oppressive? Tell me your thoughts.



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