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September 27, 2011

The Watered-Downed Bitch.

by T

Ok, I’ll be honest. I have a slew of post ready for this blog. Like, a legit cattle line of blog ideas.

Blog ideas come to me at anytime. Even in my nightmares. They keep me up at night, they come to me in the shower, they even come to me during sex. Seriously.

But I did not feel like working on all of those tonight. Because I was watching Bad Girls Club. Haha. It should be a sin, in fact I think it is quite immoral watching such nonsense sometimes. But what can I say? I am a reality TV slut for girl drama, or guido drama.

I literally can not count the times I hear the word “bitch” on this show. I have heard it so much in fact that I am nearly numb to the word. The word must be imprinted in their brains. Bitch that, Bitch this, Bitch eat this cereal! Is there some kind of “bitch” clause in their contracts? I can just hear the producers of BGC saying this:

Now Miss Judy you are aware that this is the Bad Girls Club, where you will act like a total mindless, alcohol filled, sex driven woman and have sex with various men. As part of your contract, you MUST provoke violent actions out of the other girls, get your gluteus maximus beaten, and use the word “bitch” a total of 1,234 times.

The word “bitch” is watered down so much that it almost has no real meaning anymore. I am guilty of using it among my girlfriends, but does that make it right? Or is it girls taking back ownership of a word that is somewhat oppressive? Tell me your thoughts.



September 26, 2011

Your "It" Bag

by T

Factors you should consider before getting that perfect arm pet





One of my favorite movies is The Devil Wears Prada, aside from the nearly hopeless assistant abilities of Andy Sachs and the nail-to-chalk presence of Miranda Priestly, I absolutely adored the fashion and the… uncanny similarity to what goes on in the Vogue office.

If you have seen the movie, you should remember the recurring scene of how Miranda would (rudely) plop her bag and coat down on Andy’s desk as she entered her personal office. A look of surprise and distraught on Andy’s face would be pure bliss on others to be in a presence of a Prada or Marc Jacobs or Birkin.


“You are in desperate need of Chanel”- Nigel


Now we all can’t be a Miranda Priestly have options upon options of designer purses to plop down on our assistants desk, but we  can indeed (and deserve!) to have that “It” bag that serves any need we may have. Whether it be four cups of piping hot Starbucks coffee or anything… Ok, no coffee by the bag, please.

So before you decide to sell your entire stock in McDonald’s to get that Vuitton you have been eyeing, here are a few things you should consider while shopping for that “It” bag.

1. Price and Longevity

Now I am all for starving for fashion and all (a day at the most), but I do not think it is physically or financially wise to spend your whole month/year/investment plan salary on a bag. Remember you do want to eat and live after this bag, in fact… make a post it note of this exact saying! If all your needs are met for at least a couple of months before buying the purse of your dreams, by all means buy away! But if not, you may want to put a budget plan into place. Whatever the cost of the bag, put away a percentage of money for your income . For example, say you make a grand a month. Take away from bills and expenses (let’s say $600.00), you are left with $400.00 a month to play with. Put away half of that for your bag a month until you reach the price-tag amount!

Along with the price-tag amount of your bag, you also want to make sure this bag will last the longevity of your use. How long are you going to have it? What are you using it for? Where will you mostly be storing it? Of course, the cheaper bags tend to have poorer quality material, and the more expensive is made of better quality material (various real leathers, snake-skin, sheep skin.) Of course, if you oppose having an animal on your arm, there are many faux handbag options available out there. Nordstrom even has a handbag option on their website that searches for bags made of faux materials.

2. Color and Size

The color of your “It” bag should not only be one that makes you happy, but it also should compliment with most of your wardrobe. Although a lime colored bag looks awesome in latest summer fashion spread of Elle , it is not that practical for your daily wardrobe (unless of course you are a walking rave party). Blacks, whites, and nudes complement most wardrobes. Certain blue, orange and red hued also work for those that would like some color and complement. These colors will work for those that will be carrying this bag throughout the year. If you have the funds, you can have a fall/winter bag and a spring/summer bag. Your spring/summer bag can have a more “pop” of color such as pastels or even some neons.

The size of the bag will depend on your lifestyle. If you constantly on your feet and running errands, you may want to fare for a smaller sized bag (if you don’t have much to carry) with different strap carrying options (longer strap, across the chest strap, etc.) On the opposite side, if you are not constantly moving and have a lot to carry around, you may fare for a bigger sized bag. Along with size, you should consider the style of the bag. There are MANY different styles of bags, each with their own benefits.

3. Contents and Storage

Your decisions on the points above should also include what you are actually going to put in your bag. If it is just the basics (wallet, makeup bag, pad, writing utensils) then you won’t have to worry much about the various sizes you will need. Of course, there are you Girlys out there that pretty much put your whole life into your bag! Whatever the contents, make sure your “It” bag will have enough space to fit all your stuff, without necessarily harming the material inside and “stretching” the material of the bag. If you have objects that can possibly spill while inside your bag, invest in smaller spill-proof compartments for these objects.

Unless you have an assistant you can just throw your bag at and it ends up in a safe storing spot, make sure to place your bag in a highly visible area that is readily available to you. This prevents it from being tripped over, spilled on, or kicked across the room (believe me, I know firsthand.) And it also takes the guesswork out of trying to find it when you are in a rush in the morning. If you are one of those Girlys-on-the-go that take part in the morning rush often, put it in the last room you will go to before you leave or near your car keys.

So there you have it, just a few things to ponder before making that Marc Jacobs buy. A quick summary, shall we?

· Price within your range. Don’t starve for the bag! Budget, budget, budget.

· Buy based on longevity, check out material.

· Buy a color that will complement your wardrobe, and a size that complements your lifestyle.

· Also buy based on what will actually be in your bag.

· Pick a highly visible storage space!


xoxo Girlys,


P.S.- Please also be aware of the health hazards associated with “big” bags. An informed decision is a healthy one! Good luck. :)

P.P.S- If your interested in buying USED designer bags. Here and here are sites to start with.

I am in no one affiliated nor contracted with any companies I have listed here. They are merely my own free-willed suggestions.

September 24, 2011

Girly Tip #22 – 5 Things to do on your friday night in!

by T

Boyfriends busy. Girlys busy. Even your cat has something to do for gosh sakes! And you find yourself in for the night… alone… hot… desperate for a volcano taco from Taco Bell (try it, and you will thank me later). Well I am proud to say that YOU ARE NOT ALONEEEEEE!!! So without further reminiscing… here are the 5 THINGS YOU CAN DO ON YOUR FRIDAY NIGHT IN!



1. Do and/or fold your laundry

Yeah, didn’t know you would be admitting guilt, huh? Well I have caught you and I am here to tell you to get to that laundry that has been piling up for a month! Shame on you! Do you think your dad, the inventor of the toaster strudel, would appreciate that!? I think not. :|


Now gimme that toaster strudel before I tell.

2. Make a Whey Protein Shake






Hey, since your going to be up for a while, why not get that much needed protein? Its creamy and delicious and cookies ‘n cream flavored. Oh nom nom nom. AND it supports lean muscle and exercise recovery. AND its quick dissolving, and easy to mix. If only everything came this easy.


3. Draw something

Now whether your drawing ability is limited to stick figures or you can accurately depict a candy store robbery (stick ‘em up! Give me all the snickers, jawbreakers, and big league chews and NO ONE GETS HURT!) drawing can be very therapeutic and you may even get a great laugh or two. Plus, you may find your inner Da Vinci. Viola!



4. Play Xbox









All I got to say is… My gamertag is Hourlysquirrel7

And yes, I did keep the original name that was assigned to me. Cause squirrels are cool. That is all.

Numba 5 pleassseeee!


5. Instagram Photoshoot

Ok, I will admit I do this often. But I know I am not the only one that puts on makeup and snaps 90257092374029 photos of myself. Can I get a holla for this please?



…. Thank you. Instagram is fairly new and I am addicted! So if you have an iPhone in particular, get dolled up and have at it! It will melt away that time until you are sleepy and people will think you actually went somewhere. Thus, making you look less like a loser (you were thinking it…lol). Problem solved.

Oh, and it your were wondering, my Instagram ID is tahirahrose.





xoxo Girlys,


P.S.- Check out my about page and POTW!

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September 24, 2011

Dear Girlys,

by T


Your mind can trap you. Your mind is your best friend and your worst enemy. It can say “Yeah! You can do this, if she can… well, why not you?” or it can say “You have been trying to do that for the longest, just give up already, besides… aren’t you content with what you are doing now?” We tend to give in to the latter, until we have our AHA! moments.

I had an AHA! moment to write this blog post, which would make it my first blog post for this website. I have been writing down and thinking about what my first wowzer blog post would be. I got so caught up in everything, mostly worrying about copyright issues (darn Public Relations class!) and what pictures I could and could not use. By the way, if you do plan to start your own blog PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be aware of copyright infringement, it is real. And people sue for anything these days so be aware. Just Google it!

Anyway, like I was saying, I have been frantic all this week trying to figure out what my first few blog posts would be. So much that I did not write anything! Well that’s not good… the point of the blog is to have content, so like.. people could have something to READ when they come to your blog. Geesh, T. I do talk to myself, it is very therapeutic. ;)

I got so caught up in all that confetti, and tonight.. my AHA! moment came. T, just write. Write till you can’t write no more. My brain was getting frazzled with all this technical shit that it blocked what my heart was trying to tell me. WRITE. Ideas will flow as you type the words on the paper. Hey, I am evening having some ideas now.

So I said that, to say this. Sometimes you just gotta sit down and listen to what your heart is saying. Because when your active and all up in confetti your brain tends to do most of the talking, and that guy is just wayyyyyyy too uptight sometimes. Let it loose kid. WRITE (or insert whatever your trying to do here, such as RUN, SKATE, CHEW GUM, SKIP, etc.)

And as far as my copyright issues, I am just going to take my own damn pictures. For the love of macaroni. –_-

xoxo Girlys,


P.S. – Please check out POTW and my About section. Thanks!